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Monday | 22 Feb 2010
i'm moving

to tumblr. hit me up!

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Saturday | 04 Jul 2009
i want to play!

take me here.

photo by kate harris.

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Friday | 14 Nov 2008
today is.

1. awfully warm. enough for me to decide on a fresh squeezed lemonade at lunch.
2. ambling along. slowly.
3. but, be still by heart!

(it's magickul.)
4. heart cooks brain, by modest mouse.

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Wednesday | 22 Oct 2008
the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

flavor paper's fruit cocktail collection

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Wednesday | 13 Aug 2008
Rock Camp Showcase!

As some of you probably already know, I will be volunteering as a counselor next week at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

From the Camp website: "Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is a one-week summer day camp. Campers learn how to play musical instruments, write songs, perform their own music, do workshops, make band t-shirts, buttons, and costumes, and generally rock out."

All participants will be performing at the showcase on Saturday, August 23rd at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Show is at 1p, doors open at 12p. Tickets are $6-10 suggested donation, or $35 for a Showcase Booster ticket (includes admission, t-shirt, poster and other band merch).

Buy your tickets online or at the box office. Hope to see you all there!

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Saturday | 02 Aug 2008
day to evening

excellent make-up tips from jezebel for day & evening looks.

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Friday | 01 Aug 2008
oh. man.

i wish i was going to this.

*note the third to the last performer on the list. and dolly p. herself is rumored to be one of the "still more to be announced!"

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Monday | 14 Jul 2008
office cube glory

we got back from camp daphne last night (new photos to follow), and i'm back at work today. which is sad because the rest of this week's camp itinerary reads something like: go carts, mini-golf, nap, bbq, nap, pond swimming, hike, picnic, nap...

anyway, there is one thing that brightened my soul-sucking grey, flourescent-lit cubicle: ronan's online karoke. how did i not already know that this exists?! are there office karaoke leagues?

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Saturday | 30 Jun 2007
currently :: ODing

on gospel... and also blues.

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Thursday | 21 Jun 2007
you are a cunntt

great moments in airline confirmation codes on boingboing

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